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Any real estate transaction is likely to be one of your life's most significant financial transactions. Suppose you are involved in selling or purchasing real estate of any kind in Montana. In that case, you need a capable legal representative on your side.

Our Billings real estate lawyers have years of experience understanding what is at stake in every deal. We are well-versed in agricultural transactions and have represented clients from all walks of life. Whether you are local to Montana or looking to buy property in the state, our Dietrich & Associates, P.C. team will work tirelessly to protect your interests and achieve your objectives. 

We Have the Professional Skills Needed to Go to Court in a Real Estate Dispute. Contact Us Online or Call (406) 344-1310 to Discuss Your Legal Options Today!

How Can a Real Estate Attorney Help Me in Montana? 

Hiring a real estate lawyer to represent you in a real estate deal is not always required by law in Montana. Still, it may be in your best interest. 

Real estate transactions can be unavoidably complex, and it is not wise to attempt to navigate one without the help of a seasoned legal professional. In addition, even though they frequently prepare purchase agreements, real estate agents and title companies are not permitted to answer legal questions or give legal advice. 

So you may need a lawyer to handle legal problems and review the purchase agreement.

In addition to providing legal guidance, your real estate attorney will generally be responsible for preparing and reviewing purchase agreements, mortgage, title, and transfer documents. They also often handle closings, one of the final steps of the purchase process. When a real estate transaction “closes,” the purchase is finalized, and the property’s title is formally transferred to the buyer. We can assist with all aspects of closing, including escrow transfers, home inspections, and offer renegotiations. 

A real estate lawyer will also take proper steps to ensure property transfers are legal, binding, and in your best interest. This will include conducting due diligence and verifying that any property involved in a real estate transaction has a clear title. A property with a clear (or “clean”) title is not encumbered by liens and ownership disputes. In addition, a title search can identify “title defects” before a deal closes, and title insurance can protect the purchaser from future claims.

Our Billings real estate attorneys can help you cure many types of title defects, including:

  • Boundary disputes. Contradictory land surveys, easements, and squatters can all result in boundary issues. 
  • Liens and judgments. If a previous property owner failed to pay a debt, the creditor may place a lien on or secure a judgment against the property. These encumbrances must be resolved before a property’s title can be safely transferred.
  • Public record errors. Even simple spelling mistakes and other basic clerical errors on a deed can cloud a property’s title.
  • Illegal deeds. A deed may be considered “illegal” if it was made by a minor, an undocumented immigrant, or a person without sufficient mental capacity.
  • Fraudulent deeds. A fabricated deed will almost certainly impact the ability to transfer ownership of the property.
  • Missing heirs. Many properties are left to heirs in wills. If those heirs are missing and unable to assume ownership, a property’s chain of title can become unclear. A property’s true owner can also become ambiguous when a will specifying a transfer of ownership is contested. 

Should a dispute develop during a real estate transaction, our Dietrich & Associates, P.C. team can provide competent legal representation in and out of the courtroom. In addition, our real estate lawyers in Billings know how to advocate for our clients in these conflicts effectively. 

You deserve a legal representative who will guide you through each stage of purchasing or selling Montana real estate property. Schedule an initial consultation by calling (406) 344-1310 or contacting us online.


What are the benefits of hiring a real estate attorney in Billings, MT? 

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